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spooky spiky
The Hamish the Hedgehog stories are children's books about a cheeky, spikey Scottish bundle of fun and his friend Granpappy. His colourful adventures are full of character and local interest. These fun stories take place in the beautiful Aberdeenshire countryside. In his latest book; Spooky Spiky...Hamish has a scary Halloween night filled with monsters and ghosts that aren't quite what they seem. He, Granpappy and his granddaughter Cate use their cunning to save the day! Experience the irony and the comedy of Hamish. Visit the ordering page right now to find out how to order a copy of Spooky Spiky. There are also two other Hamish adventures to collect. These are little tales about a little animal living in a little place, but that is their charm. The hand painted illustrations are bright and appealing to children. John Nickson and Tom Radford have captured a little bit of rural Scotland in these books, enjoy  a mix of oxymoron and alliteration perfectly crafted by them. Why not take a break from the mad-cap world and have a look at a hedgehog book?
John has been inspired by the works of Shakespeare. Tom is a fan of the book Ulysses

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